Amber nursing necklace

What can be more beautiful and meaningful than a mother nursing her infant? And what can serve a more important function that an exceptionally lovely necklace to keep your baby’s attention when little hands begin to wander and grab at whatever is in reach!

Any mother can describe that moment when it’s a fist full of hair or an earring or another object that tiny fingers pull on...Ouch!  But if that baby’s hand stretches out to lively natural Baltic Amber Nursing Necklace especially designed for this purpose, the result will be very pleasant and painless.

Once you wear your natural Baltic Amber necklace, your baby will look for it whether you’re feeding your infant, changing a diaper, changing clothes, or doing other important things like trimming tiny nails so they won’t scratch. Your necklace becomes the perfect center of attention for a variety of activities.

More importantly, natural Baltic Amber healing necklaces are meant to be part of your life – and your baby’s. Made from 100% natural Baltic Amber that is millions of years old, these amazing amber artisan creations are designed to pass from generation to generation. The healing power of natural Baltic Amber is renowned and the support it provides to the immune system is frequently written up in scientific research and has been since man began to investigate the meaning of natural phenomenon. Have you seen the famous movie, “Jurassic Park?” Baltic Amber is older than the dinosaur and a treasure that can never be replaced or replicated. Small wonder it has such exceptional power to heal.

So if you’re missing out on the natural Baltic Amber experience, it’s time to think about the joy it can bring to you and your infant. Whether you’re choosing a uniquely designed “mother’s” necklace or a precious and perfect necklace for your infant or toddler, you won’t be disappointed in the results. Just ask any mother who can’t wait to tell their own wonderful natural Baltic Amber story!


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