Amber healing necklace

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Amber healing necklace

Raw amber healing necklace - multicolor sunshine beads. Made from natural raw/unpolished Baltic amber beads. Made by amber artisans with generations of experience.

Each bead is 100% Baltic amber and varies in size, color, shape and thus the length of the necklace varies slightly as well. Designed with the completely natural look.

The string is knotted between each bead. The necklace fastens with a  screw clasp that opens and closes easily and naturally. (all measurements are approximate, due to uneven Baltic amber bead sizes and shapes). 


Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe - from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea. The climate became warmer and trees started to exude big amounts of resin. Scientists say that amber is a fossil pine resin from this region that has achieved a stable state through oxidation. Read more about the many benefits of Baltic amber