Baltic Amber in Medicine


Baltic Amber in Medicine

Unique in all the world. And good for everything that ails you? If you’re familiar with natural Baltic Amber, you already know how true this statement is.  What you may not know is how far reaching this totally natural health remedy really is. Millions of years old, natural Amber provides pain relief for an amazing  variety of issues - from teething children to arthritic adults to people who suffer from depression.

The first records concerning the use of amber as medicine date back to antiquity.  Initially medicines were made only from the natural environment such as minerals, plants, berries and animals. An original formula by Nicolaus Copernicus, who documented that his formulas for medicine included 22 specific ingredients - and one of them, was Baltic amber. 

In ancient Rome amber was used as medicine and as a protection against different diseases. Calistratus famous physician of those times, wrote that amber protects from madness, powder of amber mixed with honey cures throat, ear and eye diseases and taken with water cures stomach illnesses.

Pliny the Younger noted that Roman peasant women wore amber medallions not only as adornments, but also as a remedy for "swollen glands and sore throat and palate." 

In the Middle Ages Baltic amber beads were even worn for the treatment of jaundice. It was believed that the magic force of this yellow stone could absorb unhealthy yellowness of the skin and the weakness of the organism. Terms Oleum succini (amber oil), Balsamum succini (amber balsam), Extractum succini (amber extract) were often used in the recipes and records of the alchemists of those times.  In medieval pharmacies amber extract (Extractum succini) was used to strengthen weak human body, to lubricate wounds and bruises. Amber oil (Oleum succini) was used to rub painful parts of the body.

Amber was for centuries perceived as a bactericidal agent. Hence, amber baby teethers, spoons, cigarette holders and pipe mouthpieces.  There are also 17th century tea containers made from amber.

With origins dating back millions of years, natural Baltic Amber not only spans treatment for whatever ails you but it also contains one of the most unique ingredients known to mankind: succinic acid.

Baltic amber contains 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine.The highest content of the acid is found in the amber cortex - the external layer of the stone.

Recent scientific research has also proved that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human organism. It strengthens the body, improves immunity, the course of energy-related processes and the balance of acids. Succinic acid was analyzed by the pioneer of modern bacteriology, the Nobel Prize winner, Robert Kock (1886), who confirmed its positive influence and discovered that there is no risk of the accumulation of surplus amounts of succinic acid in the human organism, even after the introduction of considerable amounts into the body. 

Succinic acid is found in many contemporary plants and is a common and indispensable food ingredient. However, deficiencies of succinic acid are frequent as it is rarely found in nature. Even unripe gooseberries and rhubarb stalks, which are the richest in the acid, contain a thousand times less of the acid than the Baltic amber succinite. Succinates (most often calcium succinate, potassium succinate, and sodium succinate,) which excellently stimulate the development and proper functioning of the human organism, are used for medicinal purposes. Succinates are very effective after long-lasting illnesses and injuries. They make it possible for the pacient to regain immunity to disease as well as intellectual fitness complete with the ability to concentrate.

So if you consider the role that succinic acid has in its most natural state – natural Baltic Amber, it makes perfect sense why natural Baltic Amber is the perfect homeopathic remedy. Not only safe for us but as natural as breathing!

Now popularity of amber and  its components in medicine,  food additives,  and cosmetic production is growing.  Specialized enterprises produce  amber teething necklaces, various creams, amber healing jewelry, facial and body scrubs, amber cushions and blankets, amber powder, tea with amber. Some beauty spas offer face, neck massage with amber products, activating blood circulation and tissue regeneration, improving skin elasticity, repaying the color, comparing the fine wrinkles, smoothing the wells. Amber oil, which is able to penetrate through the epidermis, has antiseptic properties, heals wounds, and strengthens immunity.

German psychotherapists believe that Baltic amber can have positive effects on human psyche. Amber calms and protects. It also promotes self-defense instincts, abolishes stress, and gives new strength, confidence and hope, suppresses fear and depression.

Whether you love natural Baltic Amber for its ability to heal or you just love wearing a necklace or bracelet that is as beautiful as it is good for you, you won’t find anything quite like natural Baltic Amber. 


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