Baltic Amber Bracelet with dark matte Baltic Amber

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amber bracelet

Amber Bracelet handmade using the finest quality dark matte perfectly round Baltic Amber beads, strung on elastic stretch thread by Amber Artisans. 

Each bead is 100% Baltic Amber. The color of Amber may vary from bracelet to bracelet due to each bracelet being hand made from natural materials.

PLEASE CHOOSE SIZE. If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications. Suitable for men as well as for women.

To determine your size, snugly wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Note the measurement, then add half an inch (1,3 cm.) Example: your wrist is about 6 inch. The perfect size would be about 6.5 inch.

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The formation of Amber began millions of years ago, involving nature’s elements and climate changes. Learn more about Baltic Amber

There are so many facets to the healing power of Amber such as promoting good health.  Read more about the many healing benefits of Baltic Amber.

How to care for Amber Jewelry

Why buy Amber Bracelet from Amber Artisans.

Our Amber Bracelet are entirely handcrafted. They are made of authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world. Our products have made thousands of satisfied customers and created lots of repeat business.

For ease of wear, this bracelet is made with durable strong and stretchy cord to enable to wearer to stretch it to size. Simply slide bracelet on and off wrist. Our durable elastic cord is made from strong silicone that will permanently keep its soft elasticity.

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Due to the composition and natural properties of mined gemstones, the product image may show slight differences to the actual stone. Each one has its own unique shape, so the item you receive will be similar but not identical to the photo.

If you search for harmony, empowerment and originality offered by nature you must reach for the beautifully handcrafted amber pieces.