Baltic amber is rare and precious

Baltic amber is rare and precious. And with good reason. Kings and Scientists have been seekers of its amazing power and lured by its natural beauty for centuries. So it‘s no wonder that those of us who know this history from the beginning, create lasting treasures with natural Baltic amber to be handed down to future generations to come.

Baltic amber

Lithuania has been the center of artistry and protector of this treasure as part of our natural heritage. The Artisans who comprise our design team and deliver workmanship that is second to none have inherited their talent from fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers. They are equally expert in the strength of raw amber and the fragile nature of the cleaned, refined, shaped, and polished stone. Their knowledge and skill enable them to know the exact moment when the initial phases of taking raw amber through various, centuries-old, complex processes of refinement have been completed and the Baltic amber is ready to be seated and enhanced as a timeless necklace or bracelet. These experts know that the silk cord which is used to create each statement of jewelry is among the finest in the world and will also stand the test of time. It is the only cord ever used. To ensure the endurance and longevity of their work, a knot is expertly tied in between each bead throughout the entire piece.

As a country that is heart and home to Baltic Amber, we also now that the innate properties of these beautiful beads are an unparalleled source of homeopathic medicine. Wherever Baltic amber comes in contact with the human body, it imparts a healing that not only supports the body‘s own immune system but further reduces and at times eliminates any physical discomfort. From arthritic conditions to stress to calming an infant‘s teething, the myriad of healing abilities is beyond comparison to any known man-made medicines.

At Amber Artisan, we have studied the power of Baltic Amber and recognize that from it‘s birth in the ancient pine forests of our region to its specially designed glass cases in our design studio, it is unique in all the world.  Baltic Amber is deserving only of the master‘s touch in creating jewelry statements that are equally unique.  And because we recognize the tremendous value of Baltic amber as a totally unique historical artifact, revered and studies by scientists, as well as the singular importance of the natural harmony essential to its healing ability, we never deviate from our traditions in making these beautiful treasures.

Isn‘t it time you opened your world to natural Baltic Amber? You‘ll find within the mystery and magic a source of beauty and peace unlike any you have ever experienced before.


Svajunas Petreikis


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