Healing with Natural Baltic Amber

Healing with Natural Baltic Amber

Posted by Amber Artisans on 2nd May 2018

When it comes to Natural Healing, harmony and well-being, Natural Baltic Amber is unmatched. And if you’re a fine jewelry buff, well….read on.

You don’t have to be a naturalist to appreciate the unique capabilities of substances which work with our bodies as opposed to chemicals which can be harmful to us in the long run. This is especially true when it comes to medications designed to remedy everything from sore throats to joint pain to deep anxiety. If you could find a substance that provides not only natural healing for physical pain but supports your immune system to prevent further medical conditions whether you’re young or old, wouldn’t that be ideal? So let’s explore that question and learn about a smart, simple, even economical solution: Natural Baltic Amber.

An organic substance, Natural Baltic Amber is comprised of Resins exuded from ancient pine trees, known today as Conifer Trees millions of years ago. The primary strength and power of Natural Baltic Amber comes from its key ingredient, Succinic Acid (or Amber acid) which was used for centuries as a natural antibiotic. When Amber comes in direct contact with the human body, the skin’s temperature causes the amber to gently warm and to release Succinic Acid into our blood stream, producing and promoting calming, soothing and healing for a variety of illnesses. So how is this accomplished in the most efficient way? Another simple answer - natural Baltic Amber Jewelry.

Treasured in ancient times and admired for radiant beauty in the contemporary world, natural Baltic Amber makes an incredible jewelry statement whether it’s showcased as a Bracelet, Necklace or pendant. The most desirable jewelry created from natural Baltic Amber is designed by amber artisans, craftsmen from the Baltic Region, who have perfected the process of shaping, polishing and assembling these precious gems in perfect symmetry on multi-strand natural linen threads. As the jewelry pieces gently caress the skin when being worn, they also provide the capability of remarkable healing.

Incredible? Yes. But scientists have proven the veracity of Baltic Amber’s ability to ease pain and promote healing as well as serving as a “protector” of the human body’s own immune system. And collectors prize Amber because of its rarity and inevitable extinction. So you’re just as apt to find Baltic Amber showcased among diamonds and fine art as you are in the possession of those who fortify their health with it every day.

Isn’t time you looked into natural Baltic Amber? Whether you’re interested in enhancing your jewelry collection with exceptionally beautiful pieces, or owning and treasuring a 100% natural healing remedy for almost any ailment, you’ll be impressed, no question about it!


Svajunas Petreikis


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