Look into Amber – It’s amazing what you’ll find!

Look into Amber – It’s amazing what you’ll find!

Posted by Amber Artisans on 18th Apr 2018

Perhaps you saw the movie Jurassic Park and if you did, you may remember they mentioned “Amber - millions of years old.” And today on CNN World News, the same scientist who inspired the making of Jurassic Park, is acclaimed with another discovery, a perfectly preserved flower which he has named “Strychnos electri. ” The oldest known example of its kind, the new discovery is a member of the Astrid family. And where was this perfectly preserved species of flower found? Encased in the same ancient substance showcased in Jurrasic Park – natural Amber – the oldest fossilized substance on earth.

"Strychnos electri” is a relative of a substance known as strychnine. You’ll probably remember this name from the infamous rat poison often referenced in famous Sherlock Homes tales and, most notably, in “Psycho.” ,

As is the case with many things in nature, Amber is in total contrast to the rare flower it preserved. In fact, natural Amber couldn’t be more healthful for you. It would appear that all the entities it encased actually infused the Amber with some very unique properties. Like the ability to improve our immunity to disease, heal of mind and body. And it even works on teething children!

For more exciting updates on natural Baltic Amber, stay tuned. We’ll keep amazing you!


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