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Amber – Magical? Mythical? Powerful? And then some!

When it comes to natural Baltic Amber, there are so many stories about what Amber is. And what it can do. Here, we’re going to explore the mysterious nature of a substance that is millions of years old…and still counting.

Let’s begin with what’s obvious about natural Baltic Amber – its beauty. Ranging in coloration from light yellow to golden to rich brown shades sometimes featuring red, green or blue hues, Baltic amber glows with a natural luster when it is crafted by artisans into timeless jewelry, and pieces of art and statuary. You can easily recognize the majestic statement a necklace or bracelet makes on the wearer or in the collector’s prized possessions. But there’s so much more to learn about this rare and treasured gem.

The fact is, natural Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin with qualities that far exceed any other such substance. As a powerful healer with proven abilities to aid the human body’s own natural immune system, Baltic amber absorbs pain in the form of teething necklaces, diffuses negative energy, and strengthens memory and intellect imbuing the wearer with calm and centeredness.

On a purely physical level, Amber has been credited as a natural antibiotic to clear up and prevent illnesses that affect the sinuses and respiratory glands and also to aid healing for a variety of our most vital organs including our blood supply, the stomach, bladder, kidneys, eyes , and joints. It also results in tissue revitalization to restore the body to full health both mentally and physically, promoting a longer, better life.

And when you’re talking about such a magical substance, you can be sure that good luck is often associated with natural Baltic Amber because you feel much better when you wear it. Its natural warmth on your skin is how it performs its “magic” in restoring your physical health and well being as it is absorbed into your bloodstream and disbursed internally everywhere it is needed.

Mythical – The answer is a definite no. Especially when scientists have documented its history and incredible role in nature since time began. Tales from generations? Most certainly. Because the fascination has travelled through time as each new witness to the power of amber gave credit in their own way to their incredible encounter with Amber.

So no matter how you look at what natural amber has been credited with as a subject of fascination or a testimony from a believer who lives with that magic and power every day, it is undoubtedly a treasure and a resource that far exceeds anything we have ever known.

Interesting facts about Amber

*The oldest amber recovered dates to the Upper Carboniferous period (320 million years ago).

*The first records concerning the use of amber as medicine date back to antiquity. Initially medicines were made only from ingredients available in the natural environment: plants, animals and minerals. It was also believed that the more ingredients a medicine contained, the better the final results. An original formula by Nicolaus Copernicus, kept in Sweden, specifies 22 ingredients, including amber.


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