Choosing the Perfect Amber Necklace

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Before they make a selection, our customers will ask us: “Which Amber Necklace should I buy?” The best answer to that question, aside from a specific “purpose”, is your own personal taste.

We carry a wide variety of styles and no matter which piece you select, our line is 100% genuine Baltic Amber so the healing aspects are always dominant. From there, you have further choices for age, gender, and particular use.

Within our collection of amber artisan designed necklaces, for example, every strand is designed with highly polished Amber beads in a variety of color options that will ensure a perfectly comfortable fit. Among the most popular is the classic, timeless Baroque line. Designed with the completely natural look of precious gems newly emerged from the Baltic Sea, these Amber Necklaces feature perfectly round and highly polished beads that lay comfortably against the wearer. Baroque Amber Necklaces are also less expensive to create because there are fewer labor steps involved.

Next in popularity with many of our customers is our genuine Amber Necklace comprised of “pebble” or “bean” shaped beads.  If you prefer a style that is flatter in appearance, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Easy to recline in with a very smooth surface that makes gentle contact with the skin, this resilient necklace is ideal for any age and any healing purpose from teething to general aches and pains. And it always looks fabulous!

We also carry lines that feature perfectly rounded Baltic Amber beads that are completely smooth like pearls in shape with no imperfections. The process of intense polishing, buffing, and repolishing to enhance each individual bead results in the loss of much surface material --- genuine Baltic Amber. These Amber Necklaces are somewhat more expensive as a result.

In the purely luxurious category, amber artisan’s lines resonate with stunning beauty and unprecedented design and creativity. Whether you’re looking for a more contemporary touch or the classic style, our Amber Necklaces will have heads turning in your direction. More importantly, your fashion statement in Natural Baltic Amber will always promote your natural wellbeing… a winning combination for any lifestyle!

Valuing Amber Necklace

There are many factors that influence the pricing of Amber Necklace - color, weight and shape of Baltic Amber beads are some of obvious ones. Amber is also priced according to its age, proportions and quality. Unusual inclusions will increase the value accordingly.

Amber Necklace Buying Tips:

*Can't Believe the Price. Then Don't. This is a really simple tip but it still seems to catch a lot of folks out. If a seller is offering Amber Jewelry for well below market price, claiming it’s pure Baltic Amber, just walk away. Many sellers will take advantage of a buyer’s lack of knowledge. These sort of bargains don’t exist. Scams on the other hand do.

*Only purchase from experienced craftsman that specializes in Baltic Amber. 99% of all jewelers are uneducated, misinformed or simply many don't understand the product they are selling.

*Be certain that Amber Necklace is made of real Baltic Amber, not copal or any other cheap replica product. 

*When buying jewelry, you should ensure about the jeweler’s policy on refunds, exchanges, repair or replacement.

Beware the fakes

Fake Amber Necklaces are usually made of copal, other resins, plastic. It is not always easy to distinguish imitations from the real thing as some of them look very much like genuine Baltic Amber. Learn more how to Identify Genuine Baltic Amber from Imitations or Fakes.

These buying tips will certainly help you to buy Amber Necklace with more confidence.


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Please Note: Amber Artisans does not dispense medical advice.