Amber Bracelet - fashionable and health smart!



Whether you’re fashion conscious or a “naturalist” when it comes to health, Amber Artisans crafted Amber Bracelets that offers the best of both worlds.

Amber Bracelets has become very popular today especially since it was discovered that there are a vast of therapeutic effects.

To understand why, let’s consider natural Baltic Amber’s history – which is quite a story and an amazing legacy.

Baltic Amber is light, its density is comparable to that of seawater and ranges from 0.96 to 1.096 g/cm 3. This is a key practical benefit, because it means that large Amber Bracelet, or any Amber Jewelry can be easily made and comfortably worn.

Millions of years ago, incredible occurrences in nature created the birth of the substance we now celebrate as Baltic Amber. Birthed by aging conifer trees, fed by the earth along its path and then ultimately emerging from the banks of waters in Eastern Europe, Amber became the “gold” standard – a precious possession for its natural beauty and a coveted possession for its ability to ease pain, support healing increase energy and to restore natural balance. To be frank, nothing else in the world like it exists, even today.

As a statement of beauty – and key accessory for any wardrobe - Baltic Amber Colors compliment any ensemble. With varietals in orange, red, yellow, white, green, brown, blue and black, your options are endless. The Amber gems can be perfectly rounded and highly polished or more natural in shape and can range in clarity from very clear to opaque.

As an important element to health,  natural Amber is a must have – and a great gift – for the most basic of life events such as teething, arthritis, sore throats, headaches, and more.  As Amber warms against the skin, the key ingredient – Succinic Acid – makes its way into the blood stream producing amazing results.  Crying children who are having their first tooth stop crying and become less irritable. Aching wrists that suffer chronically don’t throb anymore. 

Amber is the only fossil resin to contain 3-8 % Succinic Acid, a medicinal substance with diverse effects.  Robert Koch, (1886), the pioneer of modern bacteriology, proved that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body.

Baltic Amber Bracelet is a beautiful way to rejuvenate your spirit, balance energies and adorn yourself with handcrafted pieces imbued with healing energy.

Amber Bracelet Sizing

To determine your size, snugly wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Note the measurement, then add half an inch (1,3 cm.) Example: your wrist is about 6 inch. The perfect size would be about 6,5 inch.

Wonderful Presents

Amber Bracelets can be the perfect gifts for any occasion. Both Women and Men will adore it. The pieces are for all sizes too. If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications.

Amber often contains organic inclusions: insects, arachnids, myriapods, small amphibians, plant remains, grains of sand and gas bubbles. They are a source of information about the time when Baltic Amber was formed.

So regardless of your personal interest in natural Amber Bracelet, there are many positive benefits that come from this most amazing and timeless treasure.


Amber Artisans


Disclaimer: The material provided on is for information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for treatment or cure of any illness or disease.