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In regards to jewelry there are processed pieces and all organic ones. Amber Jewelry without doubt falls into the natural beauty group. Since ancient civilizations people have adorned themselves with Amber Jewelry. Baltic Amber has also been used as a healing agent in folk medicine.   

If you want to be mesmerized, Baltic Amber has that unique fascination and power to go beyond your imagination to the beginning of time. Never the same, always evolving, flowing through earth, through water, and even through the human body. Riddle? Fable? No. It's absolutely fact. 

Those who admire Baltic Amber as the jewelry statement that goes with any wardrobe know its beauty and versatility. They know that every single piece of Amber will always be unique -- one of a kind. With a myriad of Amber Colors and textures and degrees of clarity and opaqueness, Amber never disappoints once you become a seeker.

But Baltic Amber goes way beyond visual beauty. Because in fact, Amber is as natural as our human body and one of the most powerful healing substances in the world. From ancient times when it was considered the greatest medicine of all to becoming a key ingredient to the most prized skin rejuvenators, Baltic Amber is never out of place. Consider that the human body contains Succinic Acid, a very rare and precious substance that is, both hard to find, and incredibly important to our health. At the heart or "cortex" of Baltic Amber, you will find that same substance, alive, breathing, warm to the touch, comforting and soothing. For those who only want "natural" healing, Baltic Amber is at the top of their list.

The remarkable properties of natural Baltic Amber are many. You will find soothing relief from colds, rheumatism and most types of inflammation. In some instances it is a welcome relief for asthma, breathing difficulty, ear infections and nervous conditions. Amber is also known to help heal heart weaknesses and to aid healing in kidney, gall bladder, liver, stomach and the digestive system. It is also used to help the body’s own immune system to prevent reoccurrences of these conditions. Amber’s ability to relieve anxiety and fear is something that helps with epilepsy. It has very extensive use as an analgesic for teething pain (a practice that dates back hundreds of years). To achieve the maximum effect of Amber’s wondrous capabilities, it is important that the individual wear Amber directly on the skin for several hours at a time. In the case of children the Amber Teething Necklace must be removed whenever the child is unattended including during sleep hours.

So what is Baltic Amber, really? It’s actually one of the most amazing antiques ever discovered. Alive, breathing and interacting with your environment, this gem dates back 40-60 million years ago. It’s composition is polymerized Fossil Resin, the remnants of tree sap from an unknown variety of giant trees reminiscent of the Sequoia variety, that once grew in huge forests that covered Northern Europe. Scientists believe that an intense climate change which occurred during that time period millions of years ago caused the trees to shed copies amounts of this resin in order to protect themselves just as trees in our time “weep” resin to heal places where branches have become infected or removed. Look carefully at a Cherry Blossom tree and notice that at some point during the summer you will see the rich resin it produces to cover itself during the winter months.  If you own Amber, consider yourself very fortunate. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to explore this miracle of nature.

Whether you're considering Amber Jewelry for the first time or you're enriching your own collection, Baltic Amber is all we do. From expertly preparing and polishing original Baltic Amber into a dazzling display of jewelry to guiding our customers through its history and value and the best way to obtain full medicinal healing properties, no one knows better than Amber Artisans, the Amber gem of Lithuania.  

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