Amber Necklace (for natural healing)

Amber Necklace (for natural healing)

Posted by Amber Artisans on 19th Apr 2018

You hear the word healing in many different contexts. And you will also hear many different claims about what heals and what doesn‘t. What you won‘t hear among these various conversations, articles, or advertising is that the healing product (Amber Necklace) being referred to is millions of years old. And that is just the beginning!

Amber Necklace made of natural Baltic Amber has become very popular today especially since it was discovered that there are a vast of therapeutic effects. Amber Necklace will faithfully provide you with soothing relief, replenish your immune system as you deal with life’s every day issues.

Baltic Amber has been used since antiquity in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments, as an ingredient in perfumes and has long been used in Folk Medicine for its healing properties.

To truly understand why there is no competition to natural Baltic Amber as a totally homeopathic medicine, you have to go to the source: namely, what natural Amber is made of. Millions of years ago, Amber was formed from Resin that was shed by giant pines known as Konifer as the result of a huge drop in the natural temperature of that region. The Resin was carried along by waters (rivers and streams) and eventually found its way into the sea. As it washed up on shore, it was discovered by our ancient ancestors. And what they discovered beneath the crude exterior was a powerful and beautiful stone that radiated with light and energy.

Over many generations, Baltic Amber became much more. From adornments to carvings to primitive medicine, Amber became a most valuable possession and its use a custom.

And when scientists began to explore Amber as unique – something so rare that its carbon footprint actually verified and validated life forms around the time of its creation, that ensured natural Baltic Amber‘s place in history as well as one of the most rare natural substances that ever existed.

Closely examined, the composition of natural Baltic Amber is dominated by Succinic Acid, the key to our own body‘s natural immune system – and equally rare. When natural Amber comes in contact with our body, it creates not only healing but also peace and calm. Since Baltic Amber supports our immune system through contact, it also provides a form of energy that restores physical well being.

Handcrafted to perfection, our Amber Jewelry are exclusively designed from the best natural Baltic Amber. Our Lithuanian amber artisans have performed this traditional craft for many generations with the skills passed down from father to son, family to family. Our natural Amber Teething Necklaces are created to ease your child's teething pain. We have also designed matching Amber Necklaces for moms to help them get more enjoyment from their time with children.

So when you consider why you don‘t see or hear about natural Amber every day, you can understand why something so incredible is more likely to be a best kept secret. But that‘s OK, too.


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